Environmental Portraits | aka LifeStyle Portraits are pretty much the same as a standard portrait, but the image is shot in the place where your subject spends most of his or her time. It’s somewhere relevant to that person’s passion in life and environment.

The environment helps tell the story about who you are, what you do | maybe what your passion might be. The idea is to do something out of the ordinary to the image.

A good environmental portrait brings out your personality in a stylized way. It needs to be a bit of an exaggeration. – People will see it and they’ll get intrigued. It gets us out of the studio and we create something with more impact. More Jazz.

Next Steps?

  1. Choose your CV | LinkedIn photo package on the Pricing & Packages page.
  2. Contact me through the booking form.
  3. I’ll contact you in order to discuss the fine details and schedule your portrait shoot.
  4. After our shoot, you will get pictures in just 3-4 days! I’ll send you a link to download digital files.
  5. Want it printed? No problem.