Looking for a corporate headshot photographer in Geneva?

I have compiled a list of questions you might have when looking for a corporate portrait / headhsot photographer. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.

PreBookings Questions: Why do I need it, I am not sure how to model.

Why do I need a professional headshot?

Most of my clients use their corporate headshots for their social media profiles, such as LinkedIn , Saleforce, Upwork and Twitter. Still, the need for a professional headshot can vary according to the company or individual. I have worked for the University of Geneva and the Ville de Geneve, photos in their articles, bulications and on their digital platforms.. Many managers and management teams in central Geneva have used my photos in their annual reports as well

I absolutely hate being in front of the camera, I am not photogenic at all, This makes me so so nervous …

My thing is not to photograph perfect people. It is to photograph real people (and to make you look real too); and most of the real people (me included) do not feel naturally photogenic. Good news, I am here exactly for that.

​The portrait studio is a zero-judgment zone and we are all part of the same team to create your business portraits. I am here and will guide you along the and the process ends up being more of a conversation, in which we take pictures, more than a photoshoot per se.

Another thing I often realise after seeing so many clients experience it, how positively impactful a great portrait of you can be. You will walk out of the studio boosted & feeling your self confidence.

I am not a huge fan of the typical executive/corporate headshots look, I want something more ‘me’, more casual, while still professional. can you create that kind of images?

It is possible to tailor everything around your needs and your wishes. We can create the photoshoot and portraits depending on what you need and want.

​If on the other hand you don’t really know what you want and need, I got you covered with the pre-shoot consultation and a series of questions and discussion over mood boards and other tools.

I am considered demanding and very picky in my life so I am afraid I will never be fully satisfied with my images…

If you have your own business. are a consultant or are leading in your company, chances are that you are demanding with yourself and with your team to achieve goals. I am all about serving ambitious and bold individuals and I almost expect you to be as picky and demanding as you wish. I aim at excellence and your entire satisfaction and we will work together to make the best portraits possible. ​

I am not a C-level Executive but more of a independent/solo/mompreneur. Would a portrait session with you really answer my need?

Of course. You are the c-level executive of your business and of your life! You have a brand, you have clients, you have a message to convey through your business portraits (be it to clients or to vendors): so yes, book a consultation with me to discuss your needs, targets & brand perception.

I really want to have a tailored shoot and images that reflect my brand. However, I was not planning on that this budget, what do you propose?

I understand that it feels a bit of an investment. However, it is an investment, not a cost. And the return is a very positive one: Your portraits will get you noticed & remembered, apart from the rest. It will set your foot in the door. A good strong distinctive foot. The one that your target will remember for sure, feel impressed about and be left with a powerful first impression.

Your executive portraits will very clearly set you apart from your competitors & peers. It will be a solid support to grow your career. So why try and cheapen the look and the production to save some little money.

How many pictures do you take? And can I have all of them?

The way I work is different than many other photographers. In total we might take about 40 photos at maximum and not 300 to 600 photos. I will guide and pose you as we shoot. Then I show them to you and we chose the best 5 or 7 from there. The aim is to get a look that works for the purpose. Not hope that we got a good one, but we rework that pose or look to get it right.

Depending on the package and the discussion we have, this depends on the images retouched and I only really hand out retouched images.

I look tired, I have bags, I have a scar, can something be done about this? And how much retouching do you do?

Everyone is tired, has had better nights sleep before the portrait session and has little pimples or skin dimples, blemishes etc. My aim is to take a photo of the best version of you. Once we get that in camera with the best type of lighting, I process the images. The aim to make you look recognizable, not to make you picture model perfect. I will of course reduce bags, dimples and so on, but I will not remove everything entirely. You need to look like you and a fresh version of you. The idea is to make it look you have not been retouched as you do not want that as the focus of the headshot.

Can I make-up artist be arranged if I need one?

Yes of course, but in most cases it isn’t really needed.

Why does it cost so much to have a portrait?

Here is the million dollar question. There are a lot of things at play here such as camera equipment costs, studio setup cost, time for retouching and my experience in posing you. But mainly what you are paying for is my experience in posing you, my lighting experience and saving yourself the time to spend a couple of hours with another photographer who takes 300 images and in hopes one of them turns out good enough.

Can you tell me about copyright?

All images photographed by Geneva Portrait Photography are a copyright of Geneva Portrait Photography and therefore the credit must accompanied by our copyright information: Image(s) © Headshot London, if published in magazines or blogs for example. This of course keeps us in business. But outside of that it is pretty much yours.

Bookings, Payments & Deposits and Storage Questions

Ok I am in. What do I need to know now and how do I prepare myself for my LinkedIn Portrait or Corporate Headshot?

What you need now is to get in contact with me and we will book the time, date and discuss anything else like the look or something. Once we’ve agree this, I will email you a link to a page on the site that is not here. This page is like Mama’s Secret Sauce and tells you everything you need to know and what do before a portrait session with me. It even covers make-up guidelines.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, 50% deposit is required for your session.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes, you need to cancel 48 hours before the session or you loose your deposit.

When do I pay the balance for the shoot?

You can pay the balance at the end of your portrait session by card, cash or bank to bank transfer. You will not receive your headshots or portraits until the balance is paid and cleared.

What types of payment methods do you accept?

I accept card (Not American express), cash, Twint and bank transfers.

How do I make my final selections for editing?

Once we have chosen the best 5 or 7 images together you will be sent a link to them via email. This gives you a day or two to review and to choose which you like the most. All you then need to do is ♡ the one you like. I will be notified that this is the one you want retouched and then I will send it to you. Easy.

How long will my images be accessible via download link?

Once the link has been sent, it is your responsibility to download the images as soon as possible from SwissTransfer. They will only keep images for 1 month. If you wish to store your images on my server then that must be arranged and agreed in advance of your shoot. Images that have not been downloaded or stored by arrangement can be lost at no cost to Headshot London Photography.$

Can I have more photos retouched, outside of the packaged deal?

Yes this is possible, though there is a charge for this. Whilst most portraits do not have the vibe of being retouched, actually they are and this takes time and is longer than the time spent shooting.

Next Steps?

  1. Choose your CV | LinkedIn photo package on the Pricing & Packages page.
  2. Contact me through the booking form.
  3. I’ll contact you in order to discuss the fine details and schedule your portrait shoot.
  4. After our shoot, you will get pictures in just 3-4 days! I’ll send you a link to download digital files.
  5. Want it printed? No problem.