I’ve been photographing people and businesses for over 10 years. My clients include large organizations., small companies to individuals. They are also law firms, barristers chambers, investment banks, the government and smaller companies. 

If you have been tasked with arranging photography for your company or organization, I can help with the whole process and you can take a step back from the organization which will make it enjoyable. Most of the photos I take are used on websites, social media and in campaigns.

In addition to being a photographer, I also teach photography.

I have a studio in Quartier des Banques in the centre of Geneva or I can work on location. I am happy to provide advice and help find locations if needed.

Alternatively, make a quick photography inquiry:

I used to be in the corporate in the corporate world, so you can rest assured you will get quality and efficiency without compromising relevance. I understand that successful business photography in Geneva is as much about people as anything else – being able to converse, communicate and not insult your CEO, managers, employees are high on my agenda.

There are a lot of photographers in Geneva and as with most industries, there are the good, the bad, the pretty good, the OK and the excellent. My priority is to only be excellent.

There’s a reason my clients come back to me and I like to think that my skills have something to do with it. I am based in Plainpalais near Stand; so if you’re thinking of coming in for a shoot, it’s very central.

You can call me on:

+41 (022) 321 0 123

Payment Methods Accepted

Bank transfers, cash and credit card payments are all accepted. Please note that a 4% commission is added to transactions process via credit card.